Hi, I’m Jennifer

J K Jewels Inc is the inspiration  for many unique Lines of Jewelry. Such lines include: Peace Bomb Pieces, Diamonds for a Difference, Jennifer Kay jewelry designer Jen’s Jems, and many others. Each Line of Jewelry is special but they all give back to their communities of origin. Buying a piece of Jewelry does really make a Difference!

Jennifer Kay

Early on

I was a photographer for all the Miami Beach celebrity hot spots. In later years I shifted my creativity to designing and manufacturing jewelry, helping create jobs around the globe.


My custom jewelry designs are in multiple Florida and Colorado retail stores and just launched JKBling.com to sell direct to consumers and enable wholesalers to purchase online. I anticipate providing ease of entry for women in the US to start their own small business without the expense of a retail storefront.

Jen’s Jems was my first collection  and was inspired by and named for my father who spent his entire life giving back to others. After returning from Cambodia with a beautiful Ruby and White Topaz pin, my friends were amazed by its affordability. I then realized that I could help women on both continents at the same time. I quickly started designing and manufacturing hand made one of a kind pieces that every woman could afford. With each piece a percentage also goes back to women in Cambodia to help train and sustain the next generation of female silversmiths.